Physics 2020: College Physics II

(Spring, 2022) 

Lecturer:  Lizhi Ouyang


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  1. Part II:  Thermal, E&M
    1. Chapter 16: Temperature and Heat, (Problem Solving: Example 1)
    2. Chapter 17: Phases and Phase Changes, (Problem Solving; Example 1)
    3. Chapter 18: The laws of Thermodynamics, (Problem Solving, Example 1)
    4. Chapter 19: Electric Charges, Forces, and Fields
    5. Chapter 20: Electric Potential and Electric Potential Energy
    6. Chapter 21: Electric Current and Direct-Current Circuit
    7. Chapter 22: Magnetism
    8. Chapter 23: Magnetic Flux and Faraday's Law of Induction
    9. Chapter 24: Alternating-Current Circuit
    10. Chapter 25: Electromagnetic Waves
    11. Chapter 26: Geometrical Optics
    12. Chapter 27: Optical Instruments
    13. Chapter 28: Physical Optics: Interference and Diffraction
    14. Chapter 29: Relativity
    15. Chapter 30: Quantum Physics
    16. Chapter 31: Atomic Physics
    17. Chapter 32: Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Radiation

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