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Curriculum Vita

Lizhi Ouyang


6716 W 88th St. #1406                                    Tel: (O) 615-963-7764           

Overland Park, KS 66212                                Fax: 615-963-5099                  Cell: 816-213-3048

Email:                               WWW:


·        M. S.   Computer Science,       University of Missouri-Kansas City,                      2001

·        Ph. D.  Physics/Chemistry,        University of Missouri-Kansas City,                      2000

·        M. S.   Physics,                        University of Missouri-Kansas City,                      1997

·        B. S.    Chemical Physics,         University of Science & Technology of China,       1993


  • Assistant Professor,                  2005-current                                        Tenn. Stat. Univ.
  • Assistant Research Professor,   2004-2005                                          UMKC
  • Lecturer,                                  2003                                                    UMKC
  • Postdoc research associate,      2000-2004                                          UMKC
  • Computational Lab Manager,    1998-current,                                      UMKC

Grants and Awards

  • Principle Investigator, 2007-2010          

Multiscale Simulation of Hierarchic Dental Material   

Nanoscience Research Program at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences

  • Co-Principle Investigator
  • Co-Principle Investigator,        

Ab initio to Continuum-scale Models of Nano-phased Ceramics with Experimental Validation  

NSF, CMS Nano/Bio Mechanics Program, Pending


Honors and Awards

·        Chancellor's Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Fellowship                                      1998-1999

·        Guanghua Award at USTC                                                                   1994

·        Yilida Award    at USTC                                                                      1993

·        USTC team member in Mathematical Contest in Modeling                    1991


·        Sigma Xi

·        American Geophysical Union

·        American Physics Society

·        American Association for the Advancement of Science

·        American Ceramic Society

Dissertation and Thesis

·        Ouyang, Lizhi (2000). Parallel Computing and First-Principles Calculations: Applications to Complex Ceramics and Vitamin B12      (Advisor:  Dr. Wai-Yim Ching)

·        Ouyang, Lizhi (1997).  A New Approach to Construct Large Periodic Continuous Random Network Model                                         (Advisor:  Dr. Wai-Yim Ching)

Teaching Experiences

  • Courses taught:                                                                         Credit hours

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics I                                        3.0

Modern Physics                                                                        3.0

General Physics I: Mechanics                                                     3.0

General Physics II: Electromagnetism,                                        3.0

General Physics III: Wave, Optics and Modern Physics             3.0

College Physics I & II                                                                3.0

Introduction to Nanotechnology (Guest lecturer)                         3.0


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2.                  Anil Misra, Lizhi Ouyang, Jun Chen, and W.Y. Ching, “ab initio Calculations of Strain Fields and Failure Patterns in Silicon Nitride Intergranular Glassy Film”, In press, Phil. Mag.

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Presentations and Workshops

  • Invited Talk

1.      Lizhi Ouyang, “Electronic Structures and Bonding in Complex Biomolecules”, APS March meeting, Los Angeles, 2005

2.      Lizhi Ouyang, “Electronic Structures and Dielectric Properties of Gate material (ZrO2)x(SiO2)1-x”  Dept. of Phys., University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2003

3.      Lizhi Ouyang, “First principles calculations of complex ceramics and biomolecules”, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM, Nov. 19 (2001)

  • Selected Presentations

1.      Lizhi Ouyang, J. Chen, A. Misra, W.Y. Ching, “Relating Ab Initio Mechanical Behavior of Intergranular Glassy Films in â-Si3N4 to Continuum Scales”, AGU Spring Meeting, Baltimore (2006)

2.      Lizhi Ouyang, W.Y. Ching, “Electronic Structures and Dielectric Properties of Gate material (ZrO2)x(SiO2)1-x” NANOAM workshop, Boston (2003)

3.      Lizhi Ouyang, W.Y. Ching, “Structural modeling of composite materials: crystalline Si embedded in amorphous SiO2”, March meeting, Am. Phys. Soc. Indianapolis (2002)

4.      Paul Rulis, W.Y. Ching, Lizhi Ouyang, “Electronic Structure and Bonding of Fluroapatite and Hydroxylapatite”, March meeting, Am. Phys. Soc., Indianapolis(2002)

5.      Lizhi Ouyang, W.Y. Ching, “Electronic structures of cubic and orthorhombic phase of ZrW2O8 ”, March meeting, Am. Phys. Soc., Seattle (2001)

6.      Lizhi Ouyang, W.Y. Ching, “Full geometry optimization of complex ceramic crystals by the method of finite-defference in ab-initio total energy” The American Ceramic Society’s 102nd Annual Meeting and Exposition, St. Lious, April 30-May 3, 2000

7.      Lizhi Ouyang, W.Y. Ching, “Electronic structures of cubic and orthorhombic phase of ZrW2O8 ”, Am. Ceram. Soc., Minneapolis (1998)

8.      Lizhi Ouyang, W.Y. Ching, “Sytemmatic Construction of Large Periodic Structural Models for Covalent glasses and Interfaces ”, March meeting of Am. Phys. Soc., Kansas city, March, 17-21, (1997)

9.      Lizhi Ouyang, W.Y. Ching, “Construction of Large Periodic Models for Amorphous Si34”, 98th Annual Meeting of American Ceramic Society, Indianapolis, IN, Apr. 14-17, (1996)

  • Poster

1.      Lizhi Ouyang, P.Rulis, and W.Y. Ching, “Computational Studies of Apatite Crystals and Surfaces”, Goldon Research Conference on Interface in chemistry, Kimball Union Academy, NH, Aug 17-21 (2004)

2.      Lizhi Ouyang, W.Y. Ching, L. Randaccio, “Electronic Structure of B12 coenzyme”, DCOMP 2001, Cambridge (2001)

3.      Lizhi Ouyang, W.Y. Ching, “A Systematic Method for Modeling the Structures of Covalent Glasses and Their Interfaces”, Golden Research Conference on Solid State Studies in Ceramics, Kimball Union Academy, NH, Aug. 4-9 (1996)

  • Workshop Fellowship

1.      Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience Workshop workshop at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, sponsored by Nanomaterial Theory Institute (2003), Oak Ridge TN (2003)

2.      ACTS workshop at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, sponsored by National Energy Research Supercomputer Center (NERSC), Berkeley CA (2000)

Synergetic Activities

  • Software development:

1.      G(P,T): A script library that automates the computation of mechanical properties, phonon and free energy of periodic atomic models. It runs on most supercomputer platform.

2.      DefAna: A program that computes the local strain fields based on atomistic models. It has been successfully applied to analyze the

3.      pOLCAO: Update the legacy Fortran 77 code of the orthogonalized linear combination of atomic orbitals (OLCAO) program to Fortran 90 standard; develop a geometry optimization algorithm for OLCAO; improve several key algorithms in the OLCAO program; parallelize using MPI library.

4.      Fist: An efficient XANES/ELNES spectral calculation program optimized for complex system based on pOLCAO; scripts that automate the calculations of XANES/ELNES.

5.      XBand: a color electronic and vibrational energy bands visualization program.

  • Professional activities:

1.      Leading the TSU group for IBM-TSU collaboration on high performance computing 

2.      Computational facility management: self-made pc-cluster, SAN storage network; Sun Enterprise Server at the computer science department.

3.      Regular user of Department of Energy supercomputer resources.

4.      Referee for Physics Review, Journal of American Ceramic Society and Journal of Applied Physics., Phil. Mag. etc.

  • Collaborations:

1.      X-ray spectroscopic studies of biomaterials: DNA conductivity, Ferrocene peptide/biosensor, etc. (Alex Moewes, Materials Engineering, University of Saskatchewan);

2.      Multiscale simulations of bio-tissue such as bone and teeth (Anil Misra, Mechanic Engineering, UMKC; Paulette Spencer/J.R. Katz, Oral biology, UMKC);

3.      Novel ceramics such as spinel nitrides (Isao Tanaka, Kyoto Univeristy)